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When it comes to finding the right resurfacing option for your residential or commercial project, we understand that costs vs benefits is a major factor when making any decision.

Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone applications provide short-term and long-term benefits that reduce ongoing maintenance costs as well as initial application requirements. Learn more about some of the benefits of Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone resurfacing below.


Over two decades ago, Dr. John T. McElveen founded Carolina Ear & Hearing Clinic, PC, a private medical and surgical practice specializing in the diseases of the ear. As experts in Otology and Neurotology, our team focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the ear, its related skull base structures, and specific areas of the central nervous system. Both are highly specialized areas, requiring at least five years of residency training, in addition to completion of medical school and Otology and Neurotology fellowship training.

The proprietary blend for Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone make it impervious to harsh weather. These products have been applied to surfaces in extremely hot and cold environments and continue to outlast other resurfacing options year after year. The surface is durable, fade resistant, and waterproof.

Traction & Slip Resistance

To lengthen the lifespan of concrete, sealer has to be applied every 1-3 years. When sealed concrete gets wet it becomes very slick and is not a good option for areas where children play or around pools. Water pools on the surface and it is an accident waiting to happen.

Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone provide a slip resistant surface even when wet. Rubber Stone is superior for playground and pool decks for this very reason. Not only is Rubber Stone slip resistant, the recycled tire material makes the surface soft and springy, ideal for running tracks, gyms, and other commercial applications.


Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone is great for interior projects where water damage is a real concern. Basement and laundry room floors have been coated these products for this very reason. Home and commercial gym floors are also ideal candidates for a Rubber Stone application because if its resistance to water, stains and odors.


Both the Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone products provide unmatched durability when it comes to surface protection. If any stones are chipped or gouged out because of something hard being dropped on it, replacement takes only minutes and is unnoticeable once dried.

Cost Effective

Resurfacing with concrete or asphalt requires meticulous prep work, a large crew, and in many cases third-party product delivery which means extra fees. Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone are mixed onsite and applied with simple hand tools. Maintenance is a breeze too. While asphalt and concrete require resealing every 1-3 years, it is recommended to reseal our products every 3-5 years.

From prep work to application to maintenance, our resurfacing options beat the competition. Learn more about cost comparisons with other options.


One of the greatest features of Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone is the ability to customize the mixture to fit your desired look. Not only can we create a unique color perfect for your application, we can also create detailed design inlays that give your new surface a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Better in Snow

Pennsylvania is known for its snowy winters. Year after year our driveways are covered, sometimes with feet of snow.

Our resurfacing products, especially Rubber Stone, protect driveways against accumulation by retaining more heat from the sun. With our products your driveway will be the last to get covered and the first to thaw. As for salt or shovel damage, don't worry about it. The Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone products were first developed in Canada and have been tried, tested, and proven to last winter after winter.

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