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Repairing and resurfacing a driveway, patio, parking lot or sidewalk can be expensive. Before you spend money on concrete resurfacing or asphalt sealcoating, consider the cost effectiveness of Sierra Stone or Rubber Stone resurfacing and the benefits each solution provides.

Prep Work Expense

Over two decades ago, Dr. John T. McElveen founded Carolina Ear & Hearing Clinic, PC, a private medical and surgical practice specializing in the diseases of the ear. As experts in Otology and Neurotology, our team focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the ear, its related skull base structures, and specific areas of the central nervous system. Both are highly specialized areas, requiring at least five years of residency training, in addition to completion of medical school and Otology and Neurotology fellowship training.

You've probably heard the saying that the outcome of a project is "all in the prep work". For concrete or asphalt resurfacing, this is true. For Sierra Stone or Rubber Stone, the prep work is quick and easy and takes a fraction of the time as other resurfacing options. This means we can cover your ugly surface quicker than other traditional options take.

Application Expense

Most concrete resurfacing projects require a concrete company delivering the mixture by truck. This creates the added expense of delivery. Asphalt resurfacing usually requires additional machinery to apply and smooth the asphalt. In both cases, humidity and heat plays a big role in the application and curing processes. If either of these isn't right, the product wont set right and can require additional work.

Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone are simpler resurfacing options to apply. We mix the solution onsite, which eliminates the delivery fees associated with concrete. The solution is applied with simple hand-held tools which eliminates the use, and overhead, of machinery.

Maintenance Expense

Concrete, asphalt, and wood can last a long time if conditions are right and they are well maintained. The problem is that Pennsylvania weather is not ideal for any of these surfaces. The extreme heat of the summer and extreme cold of the winter inevitably causes these surfaces to crack, splinter, and warp. Concrete and asphalt should be sealed every 1-3 years. Wood should be stained or sealed every 2-3 years. All 3 of these options require meticulous preparation before sealing.

Sierra Stone and Rubber Stone maintenance is fast and easy and is only necessary every 3-5 years. You'll be able to go much longer between maintenance coats.

The great thing about Sierra Stone, and especially Rubber Stone, is its flexibility. Once applied, it can stretch and contract with the surface underneath without cracking. This flexibility means your new surface will continue to outlast other resurfacing options over the years.

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