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Rubber Stone Resurfacing is an eco-friendly option for resurfacing almost any surface. Made of recycled tire rubber mixed with a polyurethane binding agent, this solution is the perfect choice for driveways, playgrounds, home gyms and more.

Rubber Stone is so durable and long-lasting, that during the winter months, your driveway or patio will be the last to accumulate snow and the first to thaw. The soft, springy texture makes it perfect for surfaces where kids play and an overall great choice for its beautiful finish options.


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Rubber Stone is the #1 solution for pool decks, spas and patios because of its weatherproof durability. One dried, Rubber Stone is impervious to water penetration and stains.

Slip Resistant

The slip resistant nature of Rubber Stone resurfacing is similar to the rubber on your car tires. Even when wet, the surface "grabs" whatever is being moved over it and provides maximum safety in wet conditions. Applied to a pool deck or stairs can prevent falls and slips. Applied to a driveway can prevent sliding in slushy conditions.

Cost Effective

With the harsh cold winters and hot humid summers we have in Pennsylvania, the continual heating and cooling cracks concrete, warps asphalt and destroys wood.

If you are looking for a resurfacing option that will last and continue looking beautiful, consider resurfacing with Rubber Stone. The finished product is flexible and can withstand the weather better than any other resurfacing option available. This means you spend less money on repairs and avoid costly eye sores. Learn more about cost comparisons.

Resurfacing Applications

Rubber Stone can be used to resurface just about surface. It is especially good for surfaces that expand and contract with heat or cold. Rubber Stone is used widely across the country for driveway resurfacing and providing slip resistance to pool and spa decks. Whether you've got a commercial need or residential project, consider Rubber Stone as an option.

Just like Sierra Stone, the Rubber Stone solution is mixed on-site and applied with a trowel. Depending on the size of the area being covered, most projects are completed in one day.

One of the best features of resurfacing with Rubber Stone is the ability to customize the look to fit your needs. We have thousands of color options available. Learn more about resurfacing applications.

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